100 days of nutrition change

You can change a lot in 100 days, make radical changes, but you can also make small but permanent in roads. This was really the goal of documenting the journey, to show everyday folk what deliberate and consistent change looks like.

Change that sticks and gives confidence to carry on, rather than yo-yo back to old habits and to start looking for new hacks. The glitz and glamour of body transformation, achieving low body fat and getting ripped isn’t what most folk want. Generally they want to be in shape, look good naked and ultimately feel in control of how they look and feel.

We already know that an average plan or basic change done consistently will yield better results than an ideal plan followed sporadically and without commitment. And so this is where I am after 100 days. I never set out to do this for 100 days, just started and thought I’ll see where we get to. And whilst I want to communicate an exciting journey I didn’t become ripped and achieve sub-10% body fat.

I did however implement sustainable practices I teach my clients and documented each and every day on Instagram. Sometimes that was very boring and sometimes it was insightful or documented a break through. This blog is a quick tour of what I achieved and learnt about myself in that time (Note – I’m still documenting post 100 days, follow along @ashwjarvis)

Stats & figures – everything I tracked is down, so its hard to complain.
Weight down 2.7kg to 84.4kg (I dont remember weighing this little in the last 10 years)
Waist down 5cm to 92cm
Hip caliper pinch down from 20mm to 18mm
100 days of Instagram daily accountability posts

Learning to maintain – this is easily one of things I underestimated when it came to my diet attempts and weight loss protocols. I’ve lost weight and fat before but never really maintained that state for the long term and its very very apparent that this is because I couldn’t live in calorie maintenance. I was either in a deficit or I was over eating and re-gaining.

In the last 100 days however I’ve spent probably half at maintenance calories and this has been a massive break through personally. Living at maintenance calories requires some attention but not tracking everything once you have learnt the calorie content of most of the foods you eat. I’ve regularly spent weekends at maintenance and when lifes usual troubles came along for a few weeks I tracked and ate maintenance calories. And guess what? I maintain my weight!

Diet experiments – another break through for me personally was realising that you can ramp up and down your diet phases pretty quickly. You dont have to consistently hit a calorie deficit for months on end. In fact you can use aggressive calorie deficits over a short time frame, followed by periods of eating at maintenance. This means that rather than dieting for 100 days, realistically I was dieting for less than half of that time.

Accountability – the blogging daily was a real game changer, giving me daily accountability to you guys. Even if you didnt give a shit I agonised over missing a post and so I didn’t. A few of my friends told me they were watching, following and most importantly learning. This was very empowering and definitely enforces what I encourage people to do; get a gym partner, lose weight with a friend, follow a group challenge. Its odd how we struggle with being accountable to ourselves yet we care more about what other people think of our progress, our attempts, successes and failures.

Just getting started – I can do better and there is more to come. Progress doesn’t have to end after a period of time, or when you reach an arbitrary goal and so it is with this journey. I didn’t plan a certain number of days or even a certain kg weight loss goal or end position. I know visibly I’m not done yet and my measurements indicate I can certainly lose a decent amount more fat. Do I want to be ripped? Nah not really! Would I like some more definition? Yes. A few less kilos will get me some more pullups too and make running more efficient. So lots of reasons to cracking on.

I’m nearing the best shape I’ve been in for 10 years. Still got a decent amount of muscle on me and at a lower body fat. More importantly though I’m not surprised I got here with the steps I followed and although I might have been able to go a bit quicker, the progress might not have stuck so well. I’ve even surprised myself with my habit adherence and whilst there is more to do and more fruit to harvest whatever I implemented has stuck so far.

So what next? Right now I’m doing a fairly aggressive 3 week diet before my holiday. I’ve NEVER done anything for going on holiday before and its a rather pointless and arbitrary time frame for me, but I’m going to give it solid attention. I’m keeping with the aggressive calorie deficit, high protein and well summarised as eating as little as possible. I’ll likely have a 1 or 2 day refeed depending on how I’m progressing. I’m tempted to have a punt at a longer 36 hour fast but not precious over this method right now. One thing for sure I wont be compromising my basic habits and will get straight back to maintenance when I come off the diet phase.

And I’ll be sure to keep you all informed of the good, bad and ugly.


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